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Raise 3D – E2 & Pro2 Series Printer

E2 Printer

Precise, Reliable, and Affordable

An easy-to-use, durable desktop 3D printer ready to increase precision standards, scale production, and add a powerful new manufacturing resource.

IDEX (Independent Dual Extruders)

Dual Prints Simultaneously

Mirror Mode

Produce 3D models and their inverse simultaneously, increasing productivity and reducing print time.

Duplication Mode

Use both extruders in synchronized printing, doubling production capabilities.

Auto Bed Leveling

Confirms the printing platform is level whenever preparing to print. ABL maintains the distance between the print nozzles and bed, creating a uniform build area.
Improves bed adhesion and print quality by allowing the extruder to adjust to even minor surface contour changes.

Industry First Video-Assisted Offset Calibration System

Spend less time calibrating and more time printing.

Safety Features

Opening a door is detected automatically, immediately pausing the print and keeping users safe.

Power Saving Button

Turn off the RaiseTouch screen and LED lights to save energy and print throughout the night.

Flexible Build Plate

Easily remove prints from the flexible build plate while minimizing potential print damage to quickly return to printing.

Variety of Material Compatibility

Shortened feed paths greatly enhances the printing capability for soft materials like TPU.

More Features

  • Power Loss Recovery
  • 7-inch Touch Screen
  • Filament Run-out Sensor
  • Remote User Interface
  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • HEPA Air Filtration
  • Capable of Printing a Variety of Filaments up to 300°C

(official website : Raise 3D Technologies, Inc. – E2)

Pro2 Series

Imagine New Possibilities


Pro2 Plus

Electronic Driven Dual Extrusion with Retracting Hot Ends

Prints complex mechanical parts, supports a variety of multi-material filaments and improves print speed.

  • High repeatability (<0.005mm, 5 micron)
  • Lightning speed (< 1 second switching time)
  • 1.5mm lifting distance, compatible with flexible filaments
  • High reliability (tested > 100,000 times)

Think Bigger

Up to
12×12×23.8 inch | 305×305×605 mm

  • 24/7 Reliability
  • Multiple fail safe systems
  • Industrial grade components

High Resolution

Unique motion system for superior part quality and resolution

Interchangeable nozzles:
0.2mm nozzle for finer X/Y detail

Precise positioning:
0.78125 micron positioning resolution on X/Y axis

Unmatched layer resolution:
0.01mm layer thickness

Capable of Printing a Variety of Filaments Up to 300℃

PLA / ABS / HIPS / PC / TPU / TPE / NYLON / PETG / ASA / PP / PVA / Glass Fiber Infused / Carbon Fiber Infused / Metal Fill / Wood Fill

Intuitive User Experience

Visual interface / Rapid reviewing / Visual print progress / Full adjustment control

7-inch touch screen

Integrated setting control

n-screen assistance

Visual model selection

Never Lose a Print

Second generation power loss resuming

New extruder with filament run-out sensor

“I actually knocked off the power accidentally. I was currently doing a 96 hours print with only 2 hours left.

As I raised my head to scream in terror, I turned the machine back on and it asked me to continue print. THIS WAS A LIFESAVER!”

– Shon Robinson

Next Generation Motion Controller

Best in class reliability / Precise voltage control / Silky smooth movement / Superior thermal performance

  • 400MHz ARM Cortex-M7 32bit RISC FPU
  • Industrial grade components
  • Stand-alone motor driver
  • 256 micro-steps driver system

Remote User Interface

Access / Monitor / Control

Operate efficiently with ideaMaker by connecting wirelessly to your Pro2 Series Printer

HEPA Air Filtration

Environmentally friendly

Designed to silently remove nano-particles

Build Plate System

Excellent warping prevention / Even heat distribution / Longer lifetime / Easy to remove

  • Aerospace grade material
  • High temperature silicone heating bed
  • Magnetically-held aluminium bed
  • Improved 4+9 points lock system

(official website : Raise 3D Technologies, Inc. – Pro2 Series)