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Chaos V-Ray App SDK

Simplify and accelerate the integration of V-Ray
ray-tracing technology into any application or service.

V-Ray App SDK is a high-level software development kit, offering full programmatic control over V-Ray’s feature set to companies looking to add photo-realistic & interactive 3D rendering capabilities to their software.


Integrate the same high-quality rendering that has made V-Ray the industry standard in architecture, design and visual effects.


V-Ray App SDK is a high-level software development kit designed to add the full power of V-Ray rendering to any application.


Bring your application to market faster with V-Ray App SDK’s intuitive and streamlined integration.


V-Ray App SDK supports all types of projects, from simple scripted workflows to seamless native integrations.


Choose from popular API bindings including Python, C#.NET, Javascript and C++.


V-Ray App SDK runs on any platform with the tools and flexible licensing you need to grow your business.


The latest version of V-Ray 5 App SDK brings in native support for Apple’s M1 chips, macOS Big Sur, and a number of exciting new features and improvements — to build into your custom software.

Support for Apple M1 processors and macOS Big Sur

MacOS users can now unleash the full power of their M1-powered devices with native support for Apple’s new ARM-based processors.

Material library

Efficiently choose from a library of over 500 render-ready materials including metals, glass, wood, and more. High-quality previews show you exactly what your materials will look like.

UV Texture Sampler

With this new tool, available inside V-Ray App SDK, you can quickly preview textures.

API bindings

The Node.js and Electron API bindings are now all context-aware. Plus, we’ve added support for the latest versions of Node.js (v14 and v16), Electron (v11), and Python (3.9).




V-Ray 5 rendering technology

V-Ray core optimizations and V-Ray GPU improvements make rendering even faster and more stable.


Beyond rendering

Interactive post-processing capabilities such as the Light Mix and the new layer-based compositor are now built right into the new V-Ray Frame Buffer.


Scene intelligence

Built-in scene intelligence delivers faster ray tracing, cleaner sampling and more accurate rendering.


Multiple render modes

Output using any of V-Ray’s hybrid rendering modes, including interactive and final frame rendering on CPUs or GPUs.


Adaptive dome light

Smarter, more accurate image-based environment lighting with up to 7x faster rendering.


2x faster GPU rendering

Improved GPU architecture for faster rendering and extended feature support.


Point & shoot camera

Automatic exposure and white balance functions help you create camera presets for perfect renders.


Virtual reality

Develop content creation workflows for any type of VR application. Stereo panorama support is built in.

Scanned material library

Include a library of over 1000 ready-made photorealistic, scanned materials with your application. Additional Chaos Scans licensing required.


Sheen layer

Effortless simulation of fabrics like velvet, satin and silk with the new Sheen layer added to the V-Ray Material.


Coat layer

Creating layered materials with reflective coatings is now easier than ever with the new Coat layer added to the V-Ray Material.


Car Paint 2 Material

The new V-Ray Car Paint Material’s super-realistic paint flakes take automotive renders to a whole new level.



All the power, without the complexity

V-Ray App SDK gives you complete freedom to create any end-user solution with full access to V-Ray’s deep feature set under the hood.


Flexible approach to rendering

Transform your own 3D format, or import V-Ray scenes from other applications. Modify scenes interactively and output using any of V-Ray’s versatile rendering modes.


Granular control

Change any aspect of a scene at render-time with interactive editing of lights, materials, geometry and more.


Workflow management

Merge, split, filter and export V-Ray scenes. Manage distributed rendering. Access intermediate results and react to events.


Smart GPU mode

API functions for automatic on/off of UI elements depending on the user scene and features that are supported on GPU.


API with improved V-Ray Proxy support

Easy import and export of data, more control when making changes to V-Ray Proxies as well as sharing data for preview or conversion.


Learning resources

Full API reference guide and self-paced training program are included with the SDK.


Custom training

For any industry, custom on-site developer training is available.


Developer support

Supported by the programmers who develop V-Ray App SDK and use it every day.


Developer licenses

Developer licenses are available and compatible with your existing V-Ray render nodes.

(official website : Chaos Software EOOD)