Expertise in Computer Graphics

Chaos V-Ray for Blender

Powerful rendering for the Blender community


Production-ready ray traced rendering with a suite of tools to create professional imagery and animation.


Multicore-accelerated rendering for optimized speed and scalability.


Built to handle the absolute toughest projects and biggest scenes.

Creative control

V-Ray for Blender’s versatile feature set puts you in complete control.

Industry standard

Top artists & studios use V-Ray every day to create world-class artwork.

Open source

The V-Ray for Blender plugin is free and available on Github. A V-Ray Render Node license is all you need to render.


Ignacio Corrales, Lighting Director and Shading Supervisor

Multiple artists worldwide are contributing to an animated feature about pursuing your dreams at any age.

Happy holidays

Vanilla Seed’s Video Greeting

A family of moles, an underground holiday, and a lesson in resourcefulness.

(official website : Chaos Software EOOD)