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Formlabs Form 4

Blazing Speed Meets Industrial Production

Blazing Fast

Most prints in less than 2 hours


Leading resins for any problem


Anyone can learn in 15 minutes


Unmatched print success rate


Rivals injection molded parts

Get more done with most prints in under 2 hours.

  • Game Controller - Consumer Products

Produce stunning parts that always fit, rivaling injection molded parts.

  • Injection Mold - Manufacturing

Tackle any problem with our industry-leading materials, or use Open Platform.

General Purpose. Fastest printing, best appearance, versatile properties
Tough. Impact-resistant, PP-like, ABS-like
Rigid. Ultra stiff, high strength, glass-filled
Flame Retardant. UL 94 V-0 certified, FST rated
Silicone. 100% pure silicone
Elastic. Translucent elastomers
Biocompatible. Class I and Class II with Form 4B
Polyurethane. Long-term durability, true polyurethane
Ceramic. 99.99% pure alumina technical ceramic
Open Platform. Certified third-party materials, customizable print settings, and open material license

Unmatched reliability. Stop coming back to failed prints.

Validated Print Settings

Formlabs optimization engineers put hundreds of printed parts to the test to ensure each material performs to the most reliable standards, right out of the box.

Intelligent Control Systems

Six control systems precisely measure and maintain the temperature, resin level, print forces, and print status inside your printer.

Long-Lasting Consumables

Robust hardware that was engineered for years of use.

Tank rated for >75,000 layers for all materials.

Light Processing Unit rated for >750,000 layers.

Factory Calibration

60-point calibration and quality control inspection before your printer even leaves the factory.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your prints and manage your printers from anywhere with an integrated camera, preventative maintenance reminders, and the software.

So intuitive that anyone can learn to print in 15 minutes.

1. Import your model and prepare your print.

  • Smart auto-orientation
  • Advanced support generation
  • Live printability checks

2. Load a material and click print.

  • Validated print settings
  • No-hassle cartridge and tanks
  • Automatic resin dispensing

3. Remove, wash, cure.

  • Quick release part removal
  • Automatic part cleaning
  • Precision post-curing for peak material properties

4. Finish your part.

  • Light touch supports for quick, clean support removal
  • Optional sanding, coating, or painting


The Backlight Unit generates a uniform area projection of an ultra-high power light using 60 LEDs and collimating lenses. It cures resin quickly and precisely, delivering blazing fast print speeds with excellent print quality and accuracy anywhere on the build platform.

  • Unmatched optical power: 16 mw/cm² delivered to the print plane.
  • Plano-convex lens array and optical baffle: Creating highly collimated and uniform light, even at high power.
  • Extremely long lifetime, due to an integrated cooling system.

Light Processing Unit

The Light Processing Unit 4 (LPU 4) precisely masks light from the backlight unit into the shape of a printed layer. Together, the Backlight Unit and LPU 4 enable you to print with extreme speed, accuracy, and print quality anywhere on the build platform. The LPU 4 is long -lasting, resistant to accidental damage, and easy to replace.

  • Unmatched light transmission:Delivering 16 mw/cm² to the print plane for blazing fast print speeds.
  • Unmatched lifetime: Delivers consistent print performance before replacement.
  • High resolution: 50 μm pixel size for sharp details, smooth surface finish, and accurate tolerances.
  • Damage resistant: Aluminum frame, top surface coating, and force detection protect the LPU from accidental damage.
  • Easy to replace in a few minutes using a single tool that is provided and stored inside the printer.

Release Texture

A proprietary, microtextured optical film provides airflow between the resin tank and the Light Processing Unit. This film is built into the Light Processing Unit and sits at the top of it. This significantly reduces peel forces so you can print at blazing fast speeds without sacrificing surface finish, fine features, accuracy, or reliability.

  • Reduces peel forces.
  • Robust and maintenance-free:Provides airflow and reduces peel forces passively. There are no pumps or actuators that could break and require maintenance.

Intelligent Control Systems

Six onboard control systems precisely measure and maintain the temperature, resin level, print forces, and print status inside your printer. Together, they ensure consistent, reliable performance and prevent common failures, for the same results on every printer and every print.

  • Camera: Enables remote monitoring and troubleshooting, but can be disabled for privacy.
  • Resin Level Sensor: Measures the exact amount of resin in the Resin Tank.
  • Force Sensor: Optimizes print speed and print quality across materials and geometries.
  • Resin Temperature Sensor:Monitors resin temperature
  • Mixer Debris Sensing: Checks for cured resin in the tank to quickly detect print failures.
  • Printer Leveling Sensor:Ensures the printer is flat for accurate measurement and distribution of resin in the tank.

Resin Tank

The Form 4 Resin Tank holds liquid resin inside the printer and provides a substrate for the liquid resin to cure against, using a dual-layer flexible film stack. It significantly reduces peel forces so you can print at blazing fast speeds without sacrificing surface finish, fine features, accuracy, or reliability.

  • Minimal peel forces: Using a dual-layer flexible film that enables the gentle separation of newly printed layers.
  • Unmatched lifetime: Delivers consistent print performance for >75,000 layers, with any Formlabs resin. Top film is chemically inert and stretchy. Bottom film is strong and durable to reduce scratches and punctures. Film frame is stamped steel to maintain high film tension.
  • Easy to use: Stackable design, integrated lid, simple latches, easy-pour spout, and oversized volume to protect against accidental spills.

Automatic Resin Handling

Integrated system that dispenses resin quickly, accurately, and with minimal waste, while making it easy to switch materials. Print without having to worry about your printer running out of resin and switch materials in <1 minute. Form 4 is still one of the only SLA printers on the market to offer this feature.

  • Faster resin dispensing: Fill an empty resin tank in 2-8 minutes with most resins. Features a redesigned valve system for 5-10x faster filling than Form 3.
  • 63% less plastic waste: The redesigned cartridge body uses less plastic, while still reliably storing one liter of resin.
  • 30% smaller form factor:Redesigned cartridge takes up less shelf space.