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Raise3D Announces the Launch of Pro3 HS Series

Beyond Speed: 3D Printing Large Composite Parts Made Simple

Raise3D, renowned for its flexible manufacturing solutions, is excited to introduce the Pro3 HS Series, a new addition to its additive manufacturing production line, marking a step forward in AM production.

As FFF printer standards evolve towards higher-speed printing with composite materials to meet demanding engineering and manufacturing needs, Raise3D has integrated hyper-speed capabilities directly into the Pro3 Series, eliminating the need for additional kits or add-ons. Combined with an upgraded motion control system, the Pro3 HS Series achieves enhanced speed, precision, and accuracy.

The Pro3 HS Series brings the following improvements:

  • Built-in Hyper FFF® Technology – Equipped with a high-flowrate hot end and an active vibration reduction algorithm, the Raise3D Pro3 HS Series can reach printing speeds of up to 300mm/s for Premium, Industrial, Hyper Speed and Hyper Core composite filaments.
  • Motion Control System Upgrade – To further increase the precision of the extruder and stabilize movement accuracy, the Pro3 HS Series printers have been newly upgraded with a closed-loop stepper motor, together with double-diaphragm couplings and optimized axis structure for better tightness and stability.
  • New Printing Build Plate – The new printing build plate provides a more uniform and powerful magnetic attraction to suppress model warpage. Thinner by 1 mm, it heats up to 100°C two minutes faster than previous versions. The faster heating speed reduces waiting time and improves print efficiency.
  • 2.5kg Large Roll Storage Boxes (sold separately) – To reduce the frequent manual filament replacement, the Pro3 HS Series printers dual-extruder can now print from two external 2.5kg material boxes. When one filament spool runs out of material, the second print head can automatically switch to another spool, so the printing time is extended without human intervention.
  • Hyper Core® Filament and New Hot-end Come in the Box – Raise3D’s newly introduced Hyper Core® filaments offer a fast melting and cooling rate for high-speed printing with improved Z-direction strength and stiffness, making them ideal for demanding end-use applications. Each Pro3 HS Series printer shipment includes an extra high-flowrate hot end with a silicon nozzle and a roll of Hyper Core® filament to make composite printing more accessible.

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