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The NEW MoCap Pro Fidelity glove, by StretchSense

MoCap Pro gloves use unique stretch sensor technology, which makes them one of the most robust, accurate and comfortable performance capture gloves available. They can withstand vigorous activity such as sword fights or basketball games and are machine washable.

Because they’re non-optical, you don’t have to worry about occlusion, drift, magnetic interference or constantly needing to re-calibrate. Turnkey operation, assisted by machine learning, means you can set up quickly and immediately start capturing finger tracking, metacarpal distortion and knuckle bend via Bluetooth or by recording to an onboard SD card.

Combine with our proprietary software application Hand Engine and stream your motion capture data from industry leading platforms including #Maya, Unreal Engine (#UE), #MotionBuilder and #Unity3D or use natively from within #Xsens MVN Animate. Synchronizes with optical systems including #OptiTrack, #Qualisys and #Vicon – or export as #FBX for even more flexibility

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