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Raise 3D – E2 & Pro2 Series Printer

Raise3D printer that is durable enough to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, reliable enough to run 24/7 and able to repeat the process of manufacturing finished parts with precise replication.

Chaos Group V-Ray for Modo

V-Ray for Modo adds high-end production rendering to one of the world's best 3D modeling tools. Download a free trial and get started today.

Chaos Group V-Ray for form•Z

V-Ray for form•Z brings 3D models to life with ease and agility. The unprecedented integration with V-Ray allows for rendering and lighting to be an integral part ...

AWS Thinkbox Deadline

AWS Thinkbox Deadline is a hassle-free hybrid administration and compute management toolkit for Windows, Linux, and mac OS based render farms, supporting more than 80 different content creation applications out of the box.

Shining 3D EinScan Pro 2X Plus 手持3D掃描器


Shining 3D EinScan Pro 2X 手持3D掃描器

EinScan Pro 2X 是先臨三維彙聚其最新3D數位技術成果以及對使用者需求深刻分析的傾力之作,專注于手持3D掃描功能,以兩種手持模式,滿足中小尺寸實物的多種細節和精度要求的3D掃描建模需求;輕便小巧的設計,方便使用的軟體, 是手持掃描使用者的理想選擇。

Stratasys 牙科系列 3D 印表機

Stratasys 使用牙科系列印表機並結合精度、產能和生物相容性材料,邁入數位牙科時代。

Stratasys 設計系列 3D 印表機

使用功能豐富的 Stratasys 設計系列 3D 印表機製作細節精緻、紋理多樣的彩色產品。

Stratasys 生產系列 3D 印表機

Stratasys 生產系列 3D 印表機具有大產能和材料多樣性,能滿足製造環境的需求。

Formlabs Form 2

The Form 2 delivers high-resolution parts at a fraction of the cost and footprint of industrial 3D printers.

Formlabs Form 3

Scale prototyping and production in your business with the Form 3, an affordable, industrial-quality Stereolithography (SLA) resin desktop 3D printer.

Formlabs Materials

Formlabs' library of general purpose materials to 3D print strong, precise concept models and prototypes that bring your ideas to life.