Expertise in Computer Graphics

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Raise 3D – E2 & Pro2 Series Printer

Raise3D printer that is durable enough to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, reliable enough to run 24/7 and able to repeat the process of manufacturing finished parts with precise replication.

Chaos Group V-Ray for SketchUp

V-Ray for SketchUp's professional lighting and rendering tools are the perfect choice for architects & designers.

Chaos Group V-Ray for Rhino

Use V-Ray for Rhino to render photo-quality images quickly and easily from concept through final design.

Chaos Group V-Ray for Revit

V-Ray core rendering technology integrates into Autodesk Revit introducing tools for VR output, materials, environments, and advanced post-processing.

Shining 3D EinScan Pro 2X Plus 手持3D掃描器


Shining 3D EinScan Pro 2X 手持3D掃描器

EinScan Pro 2X 是先臨三維彙聚其最新3D數位技術成果以及對使用者需求深刻分析的傾力之作,專注于手持3D掃描功能,以兩種手持模式,滿足中小尺寸實物的多種細節和精度要求的3D掃描建模需求;輕便小巧的設計,方便使用的軟體, 是手持掃描使用者的理想選擇。

Formlabs Form 2

The Form 2 delivers high-resolution parts at a fraction of the cost and footprint of industrial 3D printers.

Formlabs Form 3

Scale prototyping and production in your business with the Form 3, an affordable, industrial-quality Stereolithography (SLA) resin desktop 3D printer.

Formlabs Materials

Formlabs' library of general purpose materials to 3D print strong, precise concept models and prototypes that bring your ideas to life.