Expertise in Computer Graphics


Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality VR/AR/MR

20+ years of VR experience, we continuously evolve our Virtual Reality pipeline solutions for our customers to achieve the most realistic and immersive experience for end users.

3D Printing Consultation

With 20+ years of 3D printing experience, we provide professional advice on the choice of 3D Printers ranging from FDM to SLA, from Industrial Applications to School STEM Education.

3D Scanning Consultation

We offer professional consultation for 3D scanning for both Scanner to use and the corresponding techniques required.

Motion Capture Consultation

We have been offering Motion Capture solution and consultation since year 2000 from optical technology to inertial sensing technology, and for Movie Production to Game Creation and VR applications.

Renderfarm Design and Configuration

We are familiar with render engines that commonly used from Architectural business to Animation and VFX industries. We find the best ROI to balance between the cost and performance of the Renderfarm.



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