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Manus Prime 3 Mocap Gloves

Virtual Reality Gloves

Experience lifelike interactions in VR with highly accurate finger capture.

Achieve higher levels of immersion in VR through the natural use of your hands and fingers. Remove the barrier of using controllers and open up the possibilities of direct interaction. Stream the capture data direct to Unity and Unreal through the MANUS Core plugins. With the Manus mounting system, combine the use of the gloves with any external tracking system.

All MANUS Prime 3 gloves are enhanced with Quantum AI. This advanced machine learning algorithm is trained with industry-leading Quantum tracking data and is seamlessly applied to your Prime 3 data in real time.​​The MANUS Quantum AI will be continuously improved over time and natively embedded in MANUS Core.​

Quantum data used by Tesla

Tesla is currently using MANUS Quantum Metagloves to create a dataset which helps them train their Tesla Bots.

Quantum data training QUANTUMAI

We are using Quantum Metagloves in a similar way to generate best-in-class finger tracking datasets which we use as the foundation for our Quantum AI.

Seamlessly applied to the Prime 3

Quantum AI effortlesly improves Prime 3 data in real-time providing improved fidelity and accuracy.

Prime 3 Haptic XR

Experience Haptics like never before. Integrated & Lightweight Per-Finger Haptics

Ultra Lightweight

Integrated Haptics

Comfortable and unobtrusive. Free to perform your full range of motion without breaking immersion. Experience per-finger Haptics like never before. The combination of this powerful haptics system combined with the high-fidelity finger tracking of the MANUS Prime 3 Haptic XR make it the perfect solution for training and design validation in VR.

High Comfort

Light Weight


Uninterrupted workflow.

Swappable batteries to stay charged

The Prime 3 Haptic XR Gloves come with swappable batteries, to provide you with an uninterrupted workflow. The Prime 3 batteries can last up to 10 hours during continuous use on a full charge. Additionally, the Prime 3 Haptic XR Gloves can be powered by an external power source through the USB Type-C port.

Charging station

Fully charge up to 6 batteries simultaneously in 1 hour. This charging station is also compatible with Quantum Metagloves, older Prime Series and Pro Tracker batteries, so you can charge your Prime 3 and SteamVR Pro Tracker batteries at the same time.

(more information : Manus Meta – Prime 3)

Xsens Prime 3 by Manus

Convey your message in every pipeline.

Xsens Prime 3 Gloves by MANUS are the easiest way to add finger tracking to MVN Animate. Fully integrated and easy to set up, with high precision tracking accuracy.

Effortlessly create captivating content by adding hand capture to your setup. Perfect for Game Development, Virtual Production, VFX & Cinematic Video Production, VTubing & Streaming, Virtual Live Shows and VR, AR & XR Projects. Plug-and play integrations with industry standards for unrivaled ease of use.

Virtual Live Shows

John Legend – A Night for “Bigger Love”

Characters can be brought to life on screen in front of an audience in real time. An animated character provides an interactive and unique element to any demonstration or presentation, and can easily be produced with Xsens and any real-time engine.

Virtual Production

For film studios animators use previs to blueprint the story, scenes and design technicalities of a movie in advance of filming. It’s a process that relies heavily on 3D animation tools like the Xsens MVN suit.

VTubing & Streaming

Many Vtubers use the MVN Awinda Starter in combination with the MVN Animate Plus software for live streaming. The Xsens Gloves by MANUS finger tracking data is integrated in MVN Animate and can be streamed into Unity or Unreal.

Motion Capture

Elevate your characters with finger capture bringing life to any narrative. No more manual keyframing of hands and fingers. Dedicated for use with the MVN pipeline and compatible with both Xsens Link and Awinda suits.


  • High Fidelity Hand Tracking
    Improved tracking through our unique Quantum AI algorithm.
  • Quick & Easy to Use
    Get up and running in under a minute with automatic calibration.
  • Native Integrations
    Compatible with all MVN supported pipelines and file exports.
  • Continuous Workflow
    Never run out of battery during your sessions. Swappable batteries combines with the MANUS Charging Station.

(more information : Manus Meta – Xsens Prime 3)