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Motion Analysis: Premium Motion Capture Software and Systems / Camera / Markers

Everything you need for fast, accurate movement tracking

Motion Analysis has been providing precise and robust movement tracking solutions to researchers, biomechanists, physiotherapists and robotics teams for four decades. Our solutions are powerful, intuitive and incredibly flexible. There’s a setup solution for any type of lab, subject and object.

Software and Systems

Motion capture software, trusted by global industry leaders, innovated for the animation, biomechanics, broadcast and industrial sectors.

Alternatively, design your own hybrid system which can run either off Cortex Software with user-defined models or BaSix Go Software with BaSix Go models, and works with both the BaSix Active Markers as well as the Reflective Passive Markers.

Cortex Software

A complete set of tools for all applications

Powerful, flexible motion capture software for biomechanics, broadcasting, sports performance, game production, VR, AR, film, research, engineering, and rigid object tracking.

Rig Solver

Simplify your post process workflow 
with Rig Solver

Due to popular demand, Rig Solver is now available as a stand-alone module, enabling animation studios to accelerate the process of character animation by streamlining mocap data cleanup and rig fitting.Rig Solver contains all the same powerful post-processing tools available in our Cortex software.

BaSix© Go Software

Create realistic, high-quality 3D characters, quickly and easily

Starting at $20,000, our BaSix motion capture system is a lightweight and affordable option for animation studios, game developers, and previz purposes that offers the most efficient setup ever seen.


Whether you’re setting up a new lab or expanding your existing one, our motion capture cameras offer compact design, high accuracy, and robust performance. All models are “plug and play,” field upgradeable, and compatible with most of our other cameras.

Thunderbird (NEW)

Our new next-generation camera range, the Thunderbird, consists of five cameras can be used with both active and passive markers. They integrate with each other and with our other cameras (except the Kestrels). These cameras deliver the highest resolutions, up to 12MP. They offer greater field of view advantages, have a wider range of lenses, and are ideal in confined spaces.

They contain the very latest core technology, including GigE camera standard communication, the latest field-programmable gate arrays and built-in PTP-based output synchronization, setting you up for long-term success.

Kestrel Plus

The new Kestrel Plus range is future-forward and backward compatible, integrating with our previous Kestrel and Raptor systems. 

This range consists of four cameras which work with both active and passive markers. They are available in 300, 1300, 2200 and 4200.

Active marker cameras

These compact and robust little cameras offer great value for money and are ideal for studios starting out with mocap.

BaseCam is the entry-level model and is available as a set of 12 cameras. It works with our lite mocap software, BaSix Go.

More advanced are the 0.4mpxl Icefall and 1.6mpxl Lhotse. They integrate with each other and with the Thunderbird range, as well as with our Basix Go and Cortex software. And they can easily be upgraded to Thunderbird 400 and 1600 respectively, enabling passive marker tracking. These cameras are ideal for tracking rigid objects such as drones and robots.

Firefly Active Markers

Ideal for drones, robots and many other applications where a rigid body needs to be tracked, the Firefly active marker kit works with any MAC camera (except the BaseCam) and Cortex software.

Ideal for drones, robots and many other applications where a rigid body needs to be tracked, the Firefly active marker kit works with any MAC camera (except the BaseCam) and Cortex software.

  • Designed for industrial and engineering applications
  • Choose the number, position and orientation of the active markers
  • Use with Cortex software

The kit includes:

  • 8 NIR LEDS (4 mounting points)
  • Driver board (2 mounting points)
  • 3.7V rechargeable battery (USB chargeable) removable to save weight if power available
  • Three-way switch 6/8/off removable to save weight