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Movella Xsens MVN Awinda

Motion seamlessly captured

MVN Awinda is a motion capture system with 17 wireless sensors fitted on the body with adjustable straps. It supports fast, easy, and reliable motion capture, making it ideal for regular motions and multiple actors using the same set-up. With a range of up to 50 m, it can be used in a wide variety of applications, including workplace ergonomics, rehabilitation and injury prevention, animation, entertainment, biomechanical science and human factor research. Plus, it can be worn over clothing. 

Inertial motion capture requires sensors attached to the body to capture movements. But that’s only the half of it. You need both hardware and software for a full motion capture system. 


~50 m

Update rate

Up to 60 Hz

Battery life

6 hours


Radio protocol (Awinda)


Awinda station


17 (+1) wireless sensors
T-shirts and straps


Charging stations


Update rate

Up to 60 Hz

Wireless range

50 m

Battery life

6 hr

Wireless communication

Radio protocol (Awinda protocol)

Wireless datalink

Awinda recording and docking station


30 ms

On-body buffering

30 sec


17 wireless sensors (and 1 prop sensor)


Full body strap set (including 3 Awinda shirts in size S, L & XL)


Charging stations

Hardware synchronization

Includes, via BNC connectors Third party e.g. EMG sensors, force plates (with Awinda station) 


Sturdy neoprene case

Finger tracking

Full compatibility with Xsens Metagloves by Manus, Xsens gloves by Manus, Manus Prime II, and Stretchsense gloves


We offer smart bundles of hardware, software, and cloud processing options to meet your needs. Reach out to us to learn more or if you need help configuring your system.

Application areas

Health and sports

See why motion capture is the secret to preventing or reducing injuries, improving strength and conditioning, and enhancing workplace ergonomics.

Research and education

Discover how motion capture can drive innovation in biomechanical research, sports science and human–machine interaction. 


Thanks to motion capture, we’ve taken cinematic productions, gaming, vtubing, and streaming to another level. 

(official website : Movella Inc.)